Monday, December 30, 2013

Android OS Using Battery Too Much Solution

Welcome to my blog about Android OS Using Battery too much.

If you are on this blog then I can confirm that you already own an Android OS powered device.

Before saying anything to main topic of Android OS Using Battery I can’t stop saying thanks to google developers for their hard and free work on developing this awesome android OS.

I have no doubt that android is a smart Operating system among its other competitor mobile operating systems. Personally saying I will prefer android over IOS used by Apple. Despite the fact that android is the best I can’t say it is totally faultless.

As all of you already know android is open source Mobile Operating System based on Linux kernel many mobile device manufactured have used this OS on their devices and modified as there need. IN the process of modification they are making the android OS very heavyweight or in simple word the devices are using very much available resources. That is the reason we are facing Android OS Using Battery too much.

Let talk about it a bit more. IN your android devices how much application are running as background application. Have you ever think how much battery is drained by those applications. Probably your Android powered device has a beautiful User Interface (UI) that is pleasant but can you say it is not draining any battery. Is your Wi-Fi powered off while it is not in use? Is your Screen brightness configured properly so it saves some more battery life? Did you forget to power of the Bluetooth or GPS after their use?

Ok what if you can manage all the points that I have mentioned above? Will it save your battery life more? What you think?

Obviously trust me if you take proper action on all above mentioned points then you are going to increase your battery life by 20-30 % more I have done this so I can say it will do for you also.

Now let me say won’t you feel good if all of above things are done automatically for you by an app? We don’t need to worry about all the points above. Now we have our Android Assistant which will do all of the above points for us and yes all is automatic we have to set it once and it will do all the stuff itself. Isn’t it a good idea to leave an application run in background rather than those many battery hunger applications?

What this Application do for us? Let me mention some of the points here.

Ø Limit the number of background application. You can only set some of important applications to run on background.
Ø Auto adjusts screen brightness.
Ø Power off Wi-Fi while it is not in use.
Ø Switch off Bluetooth and GPS while it is not in use.
Ø Free up ram on real time basis.
Ø Auto schedule switch off and switch on
Ø …. And many more.

Are you thinking how much will this cost for such an awesome application which can do a lot of things and save battery of our Smart phone?

It’s free. Yes you hear right it’s free of cost.

Ok let me stop my words here and give you the download link for the application. Enjoy this application which will solve the problem of Android OS Using Battery too much. Download from the link below.

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